General Info

I’m a postdoc researcher at the CERMICS laboratory of the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. Here I develop optimized computational codes for the solution of PDEs.

My Interests

I’m a computer scientist, but with a strong bias towards low-level aspects of computers. As a general idea, if something lives below the level 3 (included) of the ISO/OSI stack, it is interesting for me.


matteo [dot] cicuttin [at] enpc [dot] fr.

My e-mails are normally signed with a certificate from CACert or with a GPG key (find the signature below). If your mail client does not recognize the signature, maybe you need to install the CACert root certificate from here. If the verification keeps failing or if you receive unsigned mails from me, there’s some major problem.

You won’t find me on facebook, twitter or stuff like that. I have a LinkedIn account, but I’m seriously thinking about to close it because it is only a source of spam.