General Info

I’m a computer scientist with a dual personality problem.

The first personality is interested in numerical methods for PDEs, scientific computing and high performance computing, and I just finished a Postdoc on this at École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. I’m especially interested in numerical methods for the electromagnetism. In my free time I peek also in the field of digital signal processing and software defined radios.

The second personality is interested in the lowest levels of computing systems, especially in what concerns processor architectures and network technologies. At the moment, for what concerns my professional career, I am on this side. I work at P1 Security.

During my career I’ve always been in the middle of the two worlds: sometimes it helped me, sometimes it hampered me. Making the two worlds communicate is not easy, but I believe in it.


matteo [dot] cicuttin [at] enpc [dot] fr.

My e-mails are normally signed either with a certificate from CACert or with a GPG key (find the signature below). If your mail client does not recognize the signature, maybe you need to install the CACert root certificate from here. If the verification keeps failing or if you receive unsigned mails from me, there’s some major problem.

You won’t find me on facebook, twitter or stuff like that. I have a LinkedIn account, but I’m seriously thinking about to close it because it is only a source of spam.