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What is this wiki? And where is your old blog?

I was thinking to remove the blog in favour of a wiki for a while, and now it happened. This because I'm trying to change the focus of my website and a blog is an incomplete tool for my needs. I would like to collect here my experiences with software and hardware and I think a wiki allows a better organization of contents. I just switched, so there aren't much things here yet.

I also decided to switch the language from italian to english, for a couple of reasons: the first is to allow non-italian readers to access the contents, the second is to force myself to improve my english (so please send me corrections about the language!).

I will keep something like a blog here.

About me

I'm something between a system administrator and a programmer, with skills also in electronics. My interests span over a wide variety of fields, including math, physics, network and systems security, compilers and high performance computing. More information here.

How to contact me

If you need to contact me you can drop a mail to matteo <AT> matteocicuttin <DOT> it.

I'm NOT on Facebook and you will never find me there. There are only two official pages about myself, this and my LinkedIn profile. Everything else is fake.

If you're subscribed to Facebook do yourself a favour, take a couple of seconds and think about what you are doing! Protect yourself! (READ THIS)

Where to go from here

If you landed here you could be interested in the following:

The other material is organized in the categories listed below:

FVG Number Crunchers

FVG Number Crunchers is my distributed computing team. We partecipate to World Community Grid "to tackle projects that benefit humanity". Visit our blog!