I’m or I was involved in a number of projects, some of them are listed below.

Ongoing projects

  • DiSk++ [Work] [GitHub]
    DiSk++ is a C++ template library for the implementation of (Discontinuous Skeletal) numerical methods. It is available on [GitHub].

  • ProtoN [Work] [GitHub]
    A library for fast Prototyping of Numerical methods. It is essentially a much simpler version of DiSk++ capable of doing only 2D on quadrilateral meshes. Definitely easier to use than DiSk++ for students and beginners. Available at [GitHub].

  • EMT [Work]
    EMT is the ElectroMagnetic Toolbox, and I developed it during my PhD. In theory it is open source, but in practice I never published the sources because they’re not so well written :). I plan to merge it in DiSk++.

  • FuffaKiller [Personal] [GitHub]
    “Fuffa” is italian slang for “bullshit”. Since I’m quite tired of online advertising, trackers and AD networks that serve malware, I built a DNS-based adblocking system to mitigate the problem. It is not meant to be a replacement to ADBlock/uBlock/etc, but just a complement. For some time I also investigated HTTP header blocking/rewriting to prevent information leak and malicious cookies, but at the moment I have no time to go ahead with this.

  • i808x [Personal]
    An 8088/8086 CPU emulator. The final goal is to build a full emulator for the HP 150 personal computer, but that will take a really long time.

Past projects

  • The Blackbox [Personal/Work]
    The Blackbox (actually it’s silver) is an OpenBSD-based embedded router doing a number of things (IPv6 gateway, VPN endpoint, firewall, …). It features hardware-accelerated crypto and low power consumption.

  • CFE (Personal/Work)
    I worked for some time at Eurotech as HPC Specialist. There I was in charge of the R&D related to the software stack running on their supercomputers. In that period I designed and built a CentOS-based Linux distribution tailored for large compute clusters.

  • Yauosk [Personal]
    Yet Another Useless Operating System Kernel: a little OS kernel that I wrote to explore the obscure corners of the x86 architecture, in particular multiprocessing. I had much fun with triple faults, interprocessor interrupts and trampolines.

  • Rockerduck [Personal]
    A didactical rootkit for FreeBSD. It is (actually was: I developed it on FreeBSD 4.11…I’m starting to get old) able to hide processes and kernel modules, to hijack system calls and protocol handlers and to do other funny things.