My interests span across different areas:

  • High performance computing
    During my career I had the opportunity to build a quite strong knowledge of CPU architectures and networking technologies used in HPC. In particular, while at Eurotech, I was in charge of the development of some of their HPC architectures.

  • Networking and communications
    I am pretty comfortable with modern IP and IPv6 networks, and I have a good knowledge of HPC interconnects, especially Infiniband.

  • Numerical methods (with a preference for electromagnetics)
    At a certain point I moved from the “operational” side of High Performance Computing to the “computational side”. I spent my PhD and my Postdoc studying numerical methods for many problems, and I wrote some computational codes. Concerning electromagnetics, I like also to look at what you can find in the electromagnetic spectrum, for that reason I have some knowledge in the field of digital signal processing and software defined radio.

Current position
Currently I am working as a Software Engineer at P1 Security, Paris.

Past positions

  • Postdoc researcher. I was a postdoc researcher for two years and a half at the CERMICS laboratory of the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. There I worked on numerical methods for PDEs, and in particular on their computational aspects.
  • Freelance consultant in HPC, storage and security. During my studies I worked as consultant for a number of italian companies, implementing for them mostly storage and security solutions.
  • HPC Specialist at Eurotech. Between my bachelor and my master I had a one-year pause where I worked for Eurotech, an italian company producing HPC computing systems.


  • Ph. D. in Industrial Engineering from University of Udine and in collaboration with Emilab.
    Thesis: Numerical and experimental methods for the comparison of radiated immunity tests in EMC sites.
    The idea behind the thesis was to investigate the use of computer simulations in order to validate the EMC tests related to the measurement of electromagnetic emissions of electric devices. The techniques I proposed proved to be quite accurate. My thesis was equally divided between a numerical part (I developed the simulation code) and and experimental part (I prepared and carried out all the experiments that were simulated with my own code)
  • M. Sc. in Theoretical Computer Science from University of Udine.
    Thesis: design and implementation of an intrusion detection system based on the collection of the system call traces.
    During my master I developed a sort of IDS that, by looking at the system calls, was able to build a behavioural model of a process. That model was then used to protect the control flow and the data flow of the process. In my thesis the model was constructed in a black-box fashion; I later co-supervesed the thesis of Francesco D’Orlandi who built the model in a white-box fashion (by means of an extension of Clang/LLVM).
  • B. Sc. in Computer Science from University of Udine.
    Thesis: design and implementation of a distributed Pascal virtual machine and a “parallelizing” compiler taking advantage of it.
  • High school diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications from ITIS “Da Vinci”, Portogruaro (VE).

Other stuff

  • I am a fully-licensed (HAREC level A) radio operator, call sign IV3 IWE.
  • I am a CACert assurer.